Book Design: Inside & Out

Cover Design

You’ll receive a full print cover and e-book covers for each of the standard publishing platforms, as well as the design file so you can easily make changes in the future (like adding a great quote from a 5* review!). Cost depends on the complexity of the design and the level of customization.

Stock Photos

The Practice concept 2.revisedIf a suitable stock photo can be found, this is a great way to go for your book cover. Our graphic designers can customize the photo to the needs of your book cover, making sure your book stand out from the crowd. $150 includes two rounds of revisions after the cover concept is approved by you — and we always offer a few mock-ups to start the design process.

Custom Photo Shoot

Final Full Cover.frontSometimes a book requires a specific image that just can’t be found in stock footage — or you may have a series that requires continuity or a unique look. In that case, a custom photo shoot might be the answer. For example, when Ashlie was designing the cover for Running in Heels, all of the stock images with women in heels were suited more for romance novels or business books. There was a very poignant image in the book involving a little girl and a green dress, and Ashlie created a one-of-a-kind cover using her camera and design skills, capturing the heart of the story. Cost is the same as a stock photo cover, plus an hourly rate for the photo shoot and the cost of any props or models needed.

Author Photos

Every author needs a photo that make them look like a million bucks. The author portrait is something you’ll use for your website, your promotional materials, social media, and book tours — make sure it’s something that makes you feel good, as you’ll be looking at it a lot! If you’re in the Houston area or at an event we’ll be attending, schedule a session with Ashlie Cook. $125 for a 30 minute shoot and 5 edited images.


You’ll receive a print-ready pdf that meets submissions standards for CreateSpace and Lightning Source/Ingram Spark. We suggest that before the e-book files are formatted, you order print proofs to send out to reviewers and to give to friends along with a red pen and a Starbucks gift card. It will save time and headaches in the long run if the book is thoroughly proofed and re-proofed, and there are things that will get caught in the hard copy that were missed in the Word document. Once your final print file is ready, we’ll create e-book files for all of the standard platforms, and test them to ensure a simple upload process and quality final product. $225 for print and e-book files.


Our team has experience ghostwriting both fiction and nonfiction (and a few projects that fall somewhere in between!). Whether you need us to take your book all the way from concept to completion, or just need someone to help round out a manuscript you simply don’t have time to finish, contact us for further details on how we can help! Finding the right writer to collaborate with is a tricky process — and we won’t sign a contract with you until we’re sure we have a complete vision of what you’re after, and we’ve completed a trial run with a sample chapter to ensure a good fit. Once you and the writer feel comfortable moving forward, we’ll set milestones for the project so everyone is on the same page.