Agent Hunting

Trying to catch the interest of a literary agent or acquiring editor? Writing a query letter and synopsis is quite different from crafting a novel — and even the most talented writer can struggle to condense her masterpiece into a few short pages, without losing the heart or the “spark” of the story. Sometimes the best option is to let an experienced writer with an outside perspective tackle the dreaded query and synopsis for you; especially since we won’t feel weird about “pitching” your talent and experience!

The following services are only available as add-on services to authors who have hired us for editing and/or manuscript critiques.

Query Letter and Synopsis

$120 to write (includes two rounds of revisions). $60 to revise.

Proposals (Non-fiction)

We can help you craft a full proposal for your memoir or nonfiction manuscript. The proposal will include, in a dynamic, professionally formatted document, the following sections: Contents, Overview, Chapter Summaries, About the Author, Target Audience, Competitive Titles, Marketing and Publicity, and Sample Chapters. $450.


If at all possible, you should attend a writer’s conference where you can pitch your book in person to agents and editors. They are much more likely to request and look at your manuscript if they are sitting directly across the table from you. That said, it can be a daunting experience until you’ve met a few of the elite breed in person and realize they’re A) Human like you, and B) Just as hopeful that they’ll find an extraordinary story as you are to see your book in print. We’ll be happy to sit down with you, in person or virtually, to hone your pitch and practice until you feel comfortable saying the words in the right order. $40.